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Kresge Art Center
Contact Information
Student Academic Affairs Specialists
Name Title Office
Kathryn Barrie Academic Advisor 156 Brody
DeAndre Carter Academic Advisor 200H Union
Alexis Dickerson Academic Advisor 160 Brody
Sandra Eagan-Hill Coordinator/ Advisor C125 Holden
Erica Fiasky Academic Advisor C121 Holden Hall
Scott Fitzpatrick Coordinator/ Advisor C101 McDonel
Liz Fuller Secretary 170 Bessey
Jeane M. Kring Academic Advisor C101K McDonel
Jeff Lent Coordinator/Advisor 200J Union
Dr. Kang Li Academic Advisor 130A N. Hubbard
Angela Sorrell-Jones Secretary II 170 Bessey
Deborah Thornton Coordinator/Advisor C130D Hubbard
Pauline Tobias Coordinator/Advisor 160 Brody
Eduardo Torres Academic Advisor 130B N. Hubbard
Aaron Tucker Academic Advisor 126 Holden Hall
Gary Wood Coordinator/Advisor 170 Bessey
Learning Resources Center
Name Title Office
Dr. Fred Barton LCC Coordinator 202 Bessey
Jessica DeForest Humanities, Soc. Sci, Health Sci Spec. 202 Bessey
John Dowell Technology Literacy Specialist 202 Bessey
Dr. Sam Drake Mathematics Specialist 202 Bessey
Tammy Endsley Office Manager 202 Bessey
San Lamar Science Specialist 202 Bessey
Union Engagement Center - 200 Union - 49 Abbott Rd - East Lansing MI 48825 - Telephone: 517-884-4050

River Trail Engagement Center - C101 McDonel - 817 E Shaw Ln - East Lansing MI 48825 - Telephone: 517-884-4080

Hubbard Engagement Center - C130 Hubbard - 964 Hubbard Rd - East Lansing MI 48825 - Telephone: 517-884-3501

Holden Engagement Center -234 Wilson Rd - East Lansing MI 48825 - Telephone: 517-884-6680

Brody Engagement Center -160 Brody - 241 W Brody Rd - East Lansing, MI 48825 - Telephone: 517-353-3863

Learning Resources Center - 202 Bessey - 434 Farm Ln. - East Lansing, MI 48824 - Telephone: 517-353-2363