'Plant Species Montage' by Emily Nagler
PLB 203 Biology of Plants: F12

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Active Learning and Student Learning Goals:

This is a learner-centered course based on the principles of scientific teaching. I am not here to passively lecture, but to actively involve you in constructing your own understanding of plant biology. To stress this point, we refer to class time as a "class meeting" where we will all be involved in working towards the common goal of learning. The goals for this course are based on core competencies and disciplinary practices described in a national report entitled "Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education", C. Brewer and D. Smith eds. 2011. This course is designed to enhance your ability in plant biology to

  • apply the process of science
  • use quantitative reasoning
  • use modeling and simulation
  • make connections among concepts in plant biology and other disciplines
  • communicate biological concepts and interpretations of science to different audiences
  • participate effectively in a collaborative team to successfully achieve the course goals
  • evaluate the ethical implications of biological research
  • demonstrate the relationship between science and society in the context of problems.

What are your personal goals for PLB 203?

  • What do you want to know and be able to do by the end of this course?
  • Do you feel prepared to achieve these goals?
  • How will you attempt to achieve these goals?

What you should be able to do after successfully completing this course:

  • Organize knowledge...by identifying the relationships among biological concepts
  • Reason logically and critically... to evaluate information and design alternative explanations about the process and content of science.
  • interpret and analyze literature...from both secondary and primary sources.
  • Communicate....by constructing models about biological concepts and processes; by articulating scientific explanations to various audiences
  • Interpret and evaluate scientific claims in the media
  • Improve your capacity to work as a member of a productive, collaborative team.

Faculty goals

  • As facilitator I will encourage and create a learning environment in which all students are actively engaged in the process of scientific thought and reasoning.
  • I shall guide your developement toward higher-order thinking and reasoning skills so you can successfully explore and demonstrate achievement of each of the goals above.

Student Self-Report Goals are to: