HED 431 Ecology of the Global Textile and Apparel Complex
HED 891B Ecological Analysis of Textiles and Apparel Production and Consumption 
Last modified:  May 11, 2005

by M. Suzanne Sontag
contact: sontag@msu.edu

Sustainable Design
Antron, Invista Carpet Fiber
    Environmental Impact Calculator
Antron Lumena and Antron Legacy nylon
Cargill Dow
Cargill Dow and Ingeo Fibers
Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)
Centre for Sustainable Design - UK
Climatex Lifecycle
Consumer Union's Guide to Environmental Labels
Design for the Environment - U.S. EPA Program
Design for Environment Guide - National Research Council - Canada
Design Green
Design Tex
EcoDesign - Japan
EcoDesign Directory
EcoDesign Research Centres and Resources - International
Ecologically Intelligent Design - Speech given by William McDonough at the Natioanl Press Club, April 24, 2002
EPEA - scientific consultancy for eco-effectiveness - Germany
Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme (ETBPP) - United Kingdom
European Commission Newsletter on the EU Eco-label
        Frequently-asked Questions about the EU Eco-label
European Union Eco-label Home Page
GSA--Real Property Sustainable Development Guide
Info- Eco
Interface, Inc.
International Network for Sustainable Design
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building and Rating System - U. S. Green Building Council
Materials Safety Data Sheets -- Cornell University Database
Materials Safety Data Sheets -- National Repository Database
McDonough-Braungart Design Chemistry
    GreenBlue: Transforming the Way We Conceive Design (a non-profit organization established by McDonough-Braungart Design Chemistry)
    Product Co-Marketing
New Zealand Trash to Fashion Awards
O2 - Global Network for Sustainable Design
Ultron Renew Carpet Fiber
U.S. DOE Sustainable Design Program
U.S. DOI Guiding Principles of Sustainable Design
U.S. EPA - P3 Award: A Student Design Competition for Sustainability
U.S. GSA Sustainable Design (procurement policies, LEED system, etc.)
Victor Innovatex (manufacturer of contract interior fabrics and EcoIntelligent polyester)
William McDonough - home page
William McDonough & Partners