Francisco Goya: Prints

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Required readings

bullet Ralph Shikes, "Goya," in The Indignant Eye, pp. 97-133

Key images

Francisco Goya, After Velasquez Los Meninas, 1778

Francisco Goya, The Caprichos Series, published 1799

bullet *The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, Plate 43
bullet She Prays for Her., Plate 31
bullet *They Spruce Themselves Up, Plate 51
bullet*Untill Death, Plate 55

Francisco Goya, Proverbs Plate 7, "Will no One unbinds us?" (Los Disparates /Los Proverbos)

Francisco Goya, The Disasters of War Series, 1810-20 (published 1863)

bullet One Can't Tell Why, Plate 35
bullet Nor This, Plate 36
bullet *This is Worse, Plate 37
bullet *Barbarians, Plate 38
bulletSoldier's Carrying a Wounded Man (drawing) for print
bullet*Truth is Dead, Plate 79
bullet Will She Rise Again, Plate 80
bulletFierce Monster, Plate 81  

Francisco Goya, The Tauromachia (Bullfight Series)

bulletThe Couragous Moor Gozul, Plate 5
bullet*Accident in the Bullring, Plate 21

Francisco Goya, The Colossus, etching


Internet resources:

Capricios from Wesleyan University Davidson Art Collection

Website from the National Library of Spain on Goya's prints (in Spanish)