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Your final grade for BioSci 162 will reflect a weighted score on all assessments during the course. Grades will be posted in D2L under the Lessons tab -> Gradebook. You are responsible for regularly checking your scores.


Your grades for the course will be available via the ANGEL website in an xls spreadsheet. We will update the grades as work is completed.

How to use and interpret the gradesheet

The ANGEL gradebook is based on weights and percentages, hence the "Total points" values are often higher or lower than your raw score. These values will change as new assessments are added.

Grade Discrepancies.

You are responsible for checking your grades regularly throughout the semester. If you feel the grade an assignment is in error, you must:
1. Complete the grade discrepancy form.
2. Print a copy of the completed form.
3. Give a hard copy of your completed form to Dr. Jarosz
**This process must be completed within TWO WEEKS of the posting of the grade you believe is in error. Requests submitted beyond this deadline will not be considered.

Weighting of Assessments.

Different assignments and exams will be associated with different numbers of points e.g., not all exams are worth 100 pts). The final point totals for each category will be summed, converted to a percentage, and weighted as follows:

Assessment category Percent
Quizzes 25
Homework and In-class work 25
Midterm exams 30
Final exam 20

* Quiz 1 will be worth 5%, with the other 2 quizzes worth 10% each

Estimate your grade. Estimate your grade at any time using the following equations:

First, calculate the % of total points you earned for each item:

For example, % Midterm Exam = (points you earned on Midterm Exam)/(points possible on Midterm Exam) x 100

Next, multiply the % values for each item by its weight and sum

(% Quizzes)(0.25)
+ (% Homework and In-class work)(0.25)
+ (%Midterm exams)(0.30)
+ (%Final exam)(0.20)
= your final percent for the course.

Grading Scale:

Final Percent