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Course Info

Time: Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 - 9:50 AM
Location: 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences

Instructional Team
Postdoctoral Fellow
Undergraduate Learning Assistants

Dr. Andy Jarosz
143 Plant Biology

amjarosz at msu.edu

Office hours:

Dr. Diane Ebert-May
270 Plant Biology

ebertmay at msu.edu

Office hours:
By appointment


Rebecca Blundell

xxxPlant Biology

blundel2 at msu.edu


Office hours:


Carrie Barker
xxxPlant Biology

barkerc4 at msu.edu

Office hours:
















***For information on who to contact with your quesiton, please view the FAQ page.


Required Course Materials:

1. Textbook. We recommend that you purchase an introductory biology text as a reference for this course, as well as future biology courses. We recommend texts published after 2006 by any of the following authors:

  • Sadava, Hillis, Heller, and Berenbaum: Life, the Science of Biology
  • Purves, Sadava, Orians, and Heller: Life, the Science of Biology (7th edition)
  • Campbell and Reece: Biology (7th, 8th, or 9th edition)
  • Freeman, Scott: Biological Science (4th or 5th edition)
For more information about textbooks, click here

2. i-Clicker. Be sure to get the i-Clicker brand, available at any MSU bookstore. Either i-Clicker1 or i-ClickerII is fine. A used clicker is fine. You may use the same iClicker for multiple courses during the same semester.


3. Carbonless Lab Notebook: Available at the Student Book Store (SBS) ONLY. Please purchase a Carbonless duplicate "Student Lab Notebook with Spiral Binding" (Hayden-McNeil Co). The new lab books have 100 pages and cost around $11.95 - a major good deal. If you have an exact one of these carbonless lab books from a previous course, certainly use it in our class.
Note:There are many different types of carbonless notebooks around, so find the one specifically printed for this course. You will use it in lab as well as in our class meeting.

BS110 notebook cover

In-class work on carbonless paper is submitted with the following information OR NO CREDIT:

In the header, clearly write:

  • Your name (if a group task, the names of all who participated in the work)
  • Your group name (you will form groups during the first week of class)
  • The date
  • The name of the activity or other label indicated by the instructor
4. Stapler (mini or regular sized) - Bring to class each day.