Grass Parts (Poaceae / Graminae Family)
From: Brown, Lauren, Grasses an Identification Guide. 1979, Houghton Mifflin Company, New York.

Auricle - an ear-shaped organ attached to a leaf or stipule
Blade - widest, (usually flattened portion of a grass leaf)
Culm - stem of grass, sedge or rush usually hollow, often with an inflorescence attached
Internode - part of the stem that is between two nodes
Ligule - a tongue shaped structure overlapping a junction of the leaf blade and leaf sheath, may be hairy or thin and papery
Leaf - portion of grass that includes the blade and the sheath
Node - portion of a stem or branch where the leaf is attached
Rhizome - underground stem running parallel the ground surface, used in vegetative reproduction
Sheath - cylindrical membrane that wraps around the stem; along with the blade makes up the leaf
Stem - main axis of the plant
Stolon - horizontal stem (like "runners" in strawberry plants), that is used for vegetative reproduction

Awn - (not shown), a bristly, or hairlike appendage sometimes found in grasses and sedges
Glume - small bracts at the base of each spikelet; usually found in pairs with the bottom glume smaller than the upper glume
Floret - a grass flower including the lemma and palea
Inflorescence - refers to a flower grouping, usually found at the top of the stem in grasses
Lemma - part of the two bracts that subtend the floret (lower)
Palea - upper of two bracts subtending a floret
Pedicel - stalk of a single flower that is in an inflorescence (group of flowers)
Rachilla - a smaller rachis, the central axis in the spikelet
Rachis - the main axis of an inflorescence
Scale -  leaflike structure that is found at the base or outside of the flower
Spike - unbranched inflorescence with sessile flowers
Spikelet - a small spike, flower in rushes, grasses and sedges, flowers subtended by 2 bracts called glumes

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