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My Report on our Visit with Lee Abramson

1.  Copy the following form text by highlighting it and putting it into the clipboard with Control-C. Notice that it already has three items filled in.

Michigan State University
Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders
CSD 823X
Artificial Language Laboratory Visit Report Form

Name of Observer:

Name of Client:  Lee Abramson

Date of Birth:
                        (September 13, 1970)

Age on Observation Date:
                                           39; 5

Diagnosis and Etiology:

Date(s) and time(s) of Observation:

1. Describe Lee's abilities and challenges.

2.What technology does Lee use?

3. Additional comments:

3. Next, click on the hotlink labeled "EMAIL" below. This will open an email client form. The form is already addressed to me at Storkey.Stork@gmail.com. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the content area of the email form.

4.   Now, fill out your report of your visit with Lee Abramson in the body of the email message, using the body of the questionnaire to structure your answers.  If desired, put your own email address(es) in the "CC:" field.  Then SEND the message.  Thanks.


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