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Suggested Topics for Student Projects and Term Papers

  1. Applications of Electro-Optical Technology in AAC

  2. Augmentative Communication for Persons with Aphasia

  3. Augmentative Communication for Short-Term Users

  4. Augmentative Communication for the Comatose Person

  5. Augmentative Communication for Very Young Children

  6. Augmenting Artistic Expression for Persons with Physical Limitations

  7. Communication for Persons with Closed-Head Injuries

  8. Communication for the Client with a Degenerative Neurological Condition

  9. Comparing Commercially Available Communication Systems

  10. Comparing Customized and Commercial Systems

  11. Comparing Different Types of Voice Synthesizers

  12. Determining Readiness for Augmentative Communication

  13. Facilitated Communication for Autistic Persons

  14. Funding Augmentative Communication

  15. Integrating Augmentative Communication in the School Curriculum

  16. Linking Communication to Environmental Control

  17. Measuring Communication Efficiency

  18. Morse Code Applications in Augmentative Communication

  19. Potential of Handheld Computers as Communication Aids

  20. Qualifications for Professionals in the AAC Field

  21. Review of Published Assessment Protocols

  22. Telecommunications for Persons with Physical Limitations

  23. The Ambulatory User of Augmentative Communication

  24. Multilingual Communication Systems
  25. Other......