CSD 232

Feedback for Lab #14 Transcription Exercise

Hear It
English Orthography and Hints -- Put phonetic transcription here after the orthographic string

1. "That cat has a sore paw."
Feedback for Item 1

2."I got him to rake the lawn."

Feedback for item 2

3."Terry showed me his fountain."

Feedback for item 3

4."Jeannie caught a little sleep that night."
feedback for item 4
5."Jacob saved me a piece of his cake."

Feedback for item 5
6." I didn't break any rules."
Feedback for Item 6

7."What are you doing to me --  and why?"
Feedback for item 7

8."I want to be a fire fighter when I grow up."
Feedback for Item 8

9. "Cabbage and broccoli are good for you."
Feedback for Item 9