Journal Files, A.A.S.

Some sample journal files I have written.
Period 1: The Big Picture

Period 5: Behavioral Concepts

Period 6: Cognition and Choice

Period 7: Behavioral Economics

Period 8: Incompatible Use & Exclusion Cost

Period 9: Behavior That Depends on the Behavior of Others

 Period 10: Prisoner's Dilemma

Period 11: Increasing Returns and Evolution

Period 12: Joint-Impact (Marginal Cost = Zero

Period 13: Transaction Costs (1)

Period 14: Transaction Costs (2), Institutional Change

Period 15: Organizations

Period 16: Uncertainty-Information Costs

Period 17.  Time Out (don't you wish)

Period 19: Exit, Voice or Loyalty

Period 20: Normative Rules

Period 22: Experimental Economics

Period 24: Econometric Studies

Period 27: Technology Institutions

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