Practice applying SSP framework to the following:


1. If economists are to smart, why is Africa so poor? by Haber, North & Weingast.

2. Telephone fees.

3. Noise in New York City.

4. Land conflicts in Nigeria

5. HMO liabililty.

6. Gender discrimination--Morgan-Stanley case

7. Food Labels

8. Invisable Women--low paid health care aides

9. Japan--female workers

10. Rules for election of judges

11. Japanese labor reforms

12. On profit, loss, and mysteries of the mind

13. Unionize Grad Assistants

14. Russian oil ownership-the new tycoons

15. War on Poverty after 40 years--Wray and Bell

16. Using MRI's to See Politics on the Brain

17. Dutch Auction IPO (used by Google)

18. Cable TV net access

19. Bhopal, India, chemical leaks

20. Gender discrimination-Morgan-Stanley

21. Defense contractors form standards group

22. Defense of antipiracy actions

23. Antipiracy Bill (music)

24. price differentiation

25. German way to go to digital TV

26. U.S. way to go digital

27. Making Microsoft Windows transparent

28. Microsoft asks European Court delay

29. Napster & Digital Millenium Copyright Act

30. City of Clawson refuses police consolidation

31. China crushes peasant protest

32. Wal-Mart labor policies <>

33. Mexico-political violence against disadents

34. Sachs- African poverty and foreign aid

35. What's Nature Worth: using indicators to opern the black box of ecological valuation (performance indicators)

36. Sen, Amartya--interview, Freedom as Progress

37. Raghuram Rajan, "Assume Anarchy? Why an orthodox econ model may not be the best guide for policy"

38. Supreme Court addresses file sharing rights (March 2005)

39. Labor: Age discrimination- Supreme Court ruling; -----NYT editorial March 2005

40 Chinese farmers lose land to urban boom, Dec. 04

41. Property rights need protection--comment on US Supreme Court by Congresswoman Candice Miller, July, 2005