MSU Celebrations

Stay safe

Need-to-know messages for how to celebrate safely

As you begin the Fall semester, we encourage you to stay safe while enjoying your home away from home:

  • Travel in groups and stay with people you know and trust. Never leave a friend alone.
  • Call 911 if you find a fellow Spartan in need or if you see anything suspicious.
  • When traveling around campus and East Lansing, choose well-lit, highly traveled routes.
  • Lock your doors when sleeping or leaving your home or residence hall room. Never leave your valuables unattended. Know everyone who you let into your apartment, house, or residence hall.
  • If something does not seem safe, it probably isn’t. Trust your instincts. If you see something, say something! Text "MSUPD” along with your message to 274637.
  • Remember: No one is anonymous anymore. Think carefully before starting or joining in any kind of disturbance. Authorities review the news, online videos, and social media.

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