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Michigan State University


At MSU, we believe that extraordinary potential lies in ordinary individuals, and every day we work to create opportunities for that potential to be achieved.

Among the world’s top universities—on one of the largest campuses in the United States—MSU starts by bringing together an exceptional faculty, a vast array of impressive facilities and resources, and 200 programs of undergraduate, graduate, and preprofessional study.  

MSU students work side by side with their peers and with renowned faculty and researchers. They study abroad, participate in internships, conduct research, lead student organizations, and volunteer in communities close to home and around the world. They learn to ask not only “how” but “why.” 

Our students become part of a powerful network of vibrant campus communities and initiatives, including nationally recognized residential college, undergraduate research, and service-learning opportunities, as well as more than 600 student organizations. 

MSU grads are sought after across the nation—and beyond. Employers recognize they are not only well prepared academically, but they also have learned how to work hard, think critically, solve problems, collaborate, and make a difference in their own and in others’ lives. 

That’s good news—not just for students and employers but also for the world.

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MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer.
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